Center for Education Policy, Applied Research, and Evaluation
The Center for Education Policy, Applied Research, and Evaluation (CEPARE), in the College of Education and Human Development of the University of Southern Maine, provides assistance to school districts, agencies, organizations, and university faculty by conducting research, evaluation, and policy studies.

 In addition, CEPARE co-directs the Maine Education Policy Research Institute (MEPRI), an institute jointly funded by the Maine State Legislature and the University of Maine System. This institute was established to conduct studies on Maine education policy and the Maine public education system for the Maine Legislature.

Joint Standing Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs

Maine Department of Education
This web service provides education-related information to assist schools, families, and communities working collaboratively to offer students the best possible opportunities to learn.

Maine Education Association
MEA is an affiliate of the National Education Association. It is a unified, democratic professional organization advocating for its 25,000 members while inspiring them to be leaders in the educational process.

Maine Municipal Association
The MMA is a voluntary membership organization of the State’s cities, towns, plantations, and organized townships to provide a unified voice for Maine’s municipalities to promote and strengthen local government.

Maine Principals’ Association
To assure a quality education for all students, the MPA will: 1) promote the principalship; 2) support principals as educational leaders; and 3) promote and administer interscholastic activities in grades 9-12.

Maine School Management Association
The Maine School Management Association, located in Augusta, is a statewide, non-profit federation of local school boards and superintendents consisting of the Maine School Boards Association and the Maine School Superintendents Association. MSMA serves as an advocate for the interests of the state’s public school students and school units and provides programs and services that support the needs of the membership.

Maine State Board of Education
The Mission of the State Board of Education is to provide statewide leadership by advocating, promoting and improving educational policy and life-long learning for all Maine citizens. In particular in this rapidly changing 21st century, we are concerned that graduates of the Maine Pk-12 public school system have the skills and knowledge to be college ready, career ready, and citizenship ready. The Board offers direction to the Executive and Legislative branches of state government; thus, fulfilling its statutory requirement.

Maine State Legislature

Office of Policy and Legal Analysis
The Office of Policy and Legal Analysis (OPLA) is a nonpartisan staff office of the Maine State Legislature. It operates under the auspices of the Legislative Council. OPLA has a staff of 24, including attorneys and individuals with advanced degrees in various fields of study.

University of Maine System
This website is your gateway to the 7 universities and 10 regional outreach centers that comprise the University of Maine System (UMS). Here you will find information and links to the academic programs, services and personnel affiliated with Maine’s public universities.