This page contains the public postings of all reports completed under MEPRI’s annual contract with the Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs, and is thus organized by contract year rather than topic. If you are looking for a particular report and do not see it please email Sharon Gerrish, for assistance. 
MEPRI also compiles annual reports under contract to the Maine Department of Education for the purpose of reviewing components of the Essential Programs and Services (EPS) school funding formula. Those reports are posted publicly on the MDOE’s website


Impact of Relationship Between Maine Funding Formula Changes and Student Achievement
David L. Silvernail, Ida A. Batista, August 2010

Following the Money: How Maine School Administrative Units have Used Increases in State Education Subsidies FY2005-FY2008
David L. Silvernail, Amy F. Johnson, James E. Sloan, March 2010

Impacts of School Funding Formula on State Subsidy Received by School Administrative Units
David L. Silvernail, Amdy F Johnson, James E. Sloan, January 2010


Review of Evidence on Four-Day School Week
Christine Donis-Keller, David L. Silvernail, January 2009

Condition of K-12 Public Education in Maine 2009
David L. Silvernail, Christine Donis-Keller, January 2009


Condition of K-12 Public Education in Maine 2008
David L. Silvernail, Paula Gravelle, January 2008


Identification of Higher and Lower Performing Maine Schools-School Profiles and Characteristics
David L. Silvernail, May 2007

Selected Results from a Survey of Maine Public High School Principals
James E. Sloan, May 2007

Condition of K-12 Public Education in Maine 2007
David L. Silvernail, Paula Gravelle, January 2007


Fiscal Analysis of Report of Select Panel on Revisioning Education in Maine
Ida A. Batista, David L. Silvernail, August 2006

A Report on Efforts to Stimulate Regional Programs and Services in Special Education in Maine
June 2006

Achievement Investment Prowess Identifying Cost Efficient Higher Performing Maine Public Schools
Ida A. Batista, April 2006


Average Four Year Cost Per Graduate for Maine Public High Schools Class of 2004
Aaron K. Gritter and David L. Silvernail, March 2005


Funding for Success: The Cost of Delivering a Quality Education in Maine’s Small Rural Secondary Schools
Debra M. Allen, April 2004

Relationship Between Maine School Administrative Unit Size Costs and Outcomes
David L. Silvernail and James E. Sloan, March 2004


Early Evidence from the Field, The Maine Learning Technology Initiative: Impact on Students Learning, Occasional Paper #1
Dawn M. M. Lane, April 2003


Special Education in Maine Attaining Equity Through Program and Finance Reform
Walter J. Harris, Pushpam Jain, August 2002


Types and Barriers Maine High School Students May Face in Fulfilling Post-Secondary Educational Aspirations
Scott Brezovsky, David L. Silvernail, February 2000